Dr. Temple Grandin shares about Animal Welfare at UW-Madison

The Saddle and Sirloin club invites all to join to hear from one of the greatest minds in the agriculture industry, Temple Grandin, Ph.D. Dr. Grandin is currently an Animal Sciences professor at Colorado State University and also travels across the world to share about cattle handling and autism. This event is being held in the Stock Pavilion, a historical building that serves as a rich learning environment. Animal Science and Dairy Science majors today still make many frequent stops at the “Stock P” for classes, labs, and activities. This building also serves at a venue for a multitude of 4-H and FFA events. There will be limited chair seating on the ground level. Therefore, the Saddle and Sirloin club encourages individuals to bring seat cushions/blankets to provide additional comfort on bleacher style seating. Please note that all food and drink is prohibited inside the Stock Pavilion. All will need to be disposed of prior to entering the building.

Read the full article at: https://saddle-sirloin.ansci.wisc.edu/temple-grandin-event/