2023-2024 University Disability Access and Inclusion Obligations and Resources

Accessibility and disability inclusion are a shared responsibility between everyone at UW–Madison. Disability rights are civil rights. Everyone – from faculty and staff to managers and supervisors – must ensure no qualified disabled individual is denied the opportunity to access or benefit from the university’s programs, services, activities, workspaces, and digital tools. This collaborative university effort is in line with UW–Madison’s disability and accessibility obligations under the Americans with Disabilities Act and other disability nondiscrimination laws.

Various resources offer information about designing inclusively and implementing reasonable accommodations. The resources below will help you to do your part to create accessible programs so disabled individuals can independently access the university.

Accessibility Resources:

Disability Accommodation Resources:

  • For managers and supervisors who oversee employees needing accommodations, or for employees seeking accommodations:
  • For faculty and staff engaging with students or program participants with disabilities:

Thank you for your efforts in making UW–Madison inclusive and accessible to everyone. If you have questions, want to learn more about your role in creating an accessible experience, contact the ADA Coordinator.