Who We Are

Jaimee Gilford, JD

Director, Office of Compliance; ADA Coordinator


(608) 265-3259; Relay calls accepted

Claire Allen

Program Assistant Confidential


(608) 262-5616; Relay calls accepted

Travis Grimm, JD

Title IX/EO Complaint Investigator


(608) 265-2320; Relay calls accepted

Lauren Hasselbacher, JD

Title IX Coordinator


(608) 890-3788; Relay calls accepted

Jennifer Horace, PhD

Title IX/EO Complaint Investigator


(608) 265-2349; Relay calls accepted

Lisa Hull

Public Records Custodian


(608) 890-4881; Relay calls accepted

Kate Liu

Program Assistant Confidential


(608) 265-6208; Relay calls accepted

Lindsey Peterson, MS, CRC

Deputy Title IX Coordinator for Precollege and Youth Programs


(608)-265-3181; Relay calls accepted

Amanda K. Reese, JD, CPHRM  

HIPAA Privacy Officer


(608) 262-2059; Relay calls accepted

Letissa C. Reid, JD

Equal Opportunity Investigation Program Coordinator


(608) 262-3254; Relay calls accepted

Elizabeth Wilkerson

Deputy Public Records Custodian


(608)-265-9045; Relay calls accepted

Director's Welcome

Welcome to the Office of Compliance. Located in Bascom Hall, the Office of Compliance reports directly to the Vice Chancellor for Legal Affairs.  We provide compliance oversight for a number of critical regulatory areas: the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), the privacy portion of Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), the Wisconsin Public Records Law, Title IX of the Education Amendments, and investigating complaints of discrimination under Title VI of the Civil Rights Act.  We hope you will take the opportunity to explore our website and learn more about UW-Madison’s efforts to ensure compliance with each of these important laws.  profile photo of Jaimee

In addition to providing oversight for the ADA, HIPAA privacy, Public Records, Title IX and discrimination complaints, the Office of Compliance is engaged in broader compliance work across campus.  We regularly collaborate with campus partners that are subject to other legal and regulatory compliance obligations, so that we may address those obligations in a manner consistent with best practices and UW-Madison’s mission, values and culture. 

We believe that compliance can best be achieved through collaboration, trust and a shared vision. The Office of Compliance’s core values – ethics, expertise, support, integrity, excellence, collaboration, care and dynamism – guide us in our work.  Compliance matters. As foundational and aspirational principles, compliance protects both people and institutions.   

We look forward to working with you in this worthy endeavor. 

Jaimee Gilford, JD | Director of Office of Compliance | ADA/504 Coordinator



The Director of Compliance works collaboratively with campus compliance partners to identify compliance obligations, assess areas of risk, and meet our regulatory obligations through training, documentation and reporting requirements, and policy development.

Specifically, the Office of Compliance:

  • Reviews and maintains the UW Madison Compliance Matrix. (Coming soon)
  • Leads the Campus Compliance Partners Network.