Focus Area Training

Sexual Misconduct (Title IX)

Prevent Sexual Harassment and Sexual Violence at UW-Madison

  • Required for all employees
  • Available in both online and in PDF formats

Responsible Employee

  • Required for designated Responsible Employees (REs)
  • Designated REs must complete training annually
  • Available online

Sexual Misconduct and Clery Crimes in Youth Activities: Reporting and Prevention

  • Required for employees and volunteers who are responsible for the custodial care or supervision of minor(s) in youth activities
  • Must be completed annually
  • Available online and in a text-based printable version


HIPAA Privacy and Security

  • Required for UW Health Care Component (HCC) workforce
  • HCC workforce must complete training annually
  • Available online

Public Records

WI Public Records Law Basics for University Employees

  • Recommended for all UW-Madison employees
  • Recommended every three years
  • Available online (will not open in browser, must be downloaded using Adobe Acrobat)