Green Office Plan

The Office of Compliance is collaborating with the Office of Sustainability in implementing the Green Office Plan. The goal of the Green Office Plan is to give UW-Madison employees the resources and tools to create a more sustainable work environment. The Green Office Plan uses a three-step certification process, with each step focused on changes made in office operations.

Current Sustainability Efforts

The Office of Compliance has met the requirements to be certified as bronze level in the Green Office Plan’s three-step process. The bronze level is focused on waste management and recycling practices in the office.

Bin Management

A bin for trash and office paper can now be found in each individual office. Each bin is affixed with easy to read signage.  Bins in our main hallway now have signage for recycling, mixed paper and trash.  With these simple changes, the process of waste management has become more efficient, contributing to a more sustainable work environment and in the bigger picture, saving valuable resources in the production process of common items.

Reusable Keurig Cups

Like most offices, coffee plays a small but important role in productivity.  Though Keurig cups are extremely convenient, they generate a large amount of waste due to being composed of non-recyclable materials.  In the spirit of creating a more sustainable workplace, the Office of Compliance has adopted reusable Keurig cups.

Future Sustainability Efforts

As of now, the Office of Compliance is in the process of meeting requirements for silver level, which is focused on energy and water. This includes:

  • Turning off computers, printers and appliances at the end of the work day
  • Encouraging office staff to carpool or use public transportation
  • Taking advantage of natural lighting and ventilation
  • Ensuring all lights are turned off when leaving the office
  • Printing and posting of relevant signage
  • Checking sinks and toilets regularly for leaks
  • Completing an office energy audit