Students are Called to Active Duty

Learn your responsibilities when UW–Madison students are called to active U.S. military service
In the midst of the longest foreign war in U.S. history, the University of Wisconsin–Madison has close to 100 students serving in the Reserve Component of the U.S. Armed Forces, as well as hundreds of other prior-service veterans that could be recalled to active duty.
This semester, we have several students being called to active U.S. military service. They will likely be deployed for a year or more to a combat theater, putting their education on hold. Other students will be called to active duty for training, or extended exercises overseas.
Please know your responsibilities according to the “UW–Madison Policy for Enrolled Students Called to Active U.S. Military Service,” published by the Provost in 2014. The UW–Madison policy outlines faculty, staff, and student options and responsibilities for academics, financial aid, housing, and re-entry to campus.
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There are over 700 military-connected students on campus, in addition to the Army, Navy, and Air Force ROTC programs. Students often have advance notice of being called to active duty, but this isn’t always the case. We’ve had students depart on disaster-relief missions with only 24 hours’ notice. The Veteran Services & Military Assistance Center, a joint effort between the Office of the Registrar and the Division of Student Life, can answer your questions related to students being called to active duty.
To help with your support of our student-veterans, the UW System provides free interactive training for faculty, staff, and students. The training builds cultural competency to manage classroom discussions around issues sensitive to veterans, conveys common challenges facing veterans transitioning to campus life, and presents resource information.
John Bechtol
assistant dean of students
Joe Rasmussen
certifying official