HIPAA Frequently Asked Questions

Am I part of the UW-Madison Health Care Component (HCC)?

UW-Madison is a “hybrid” entity as defined by HIPAA – portions of campus are subject to HIPAA and portions are not. The portion subject to HIPAA is referred to as the UW-Madison “Health Care Component” (or “HCC”). Researchers and key study personnel who conduct research involving the use of Protected Health Information (“PHI”) in collaboration with researchers whose primary appointments are within clearly defined units of the HCC are considered members of the HCC for such research.

What does it mean if I am part of the UW-Madison HCC?

If you are a part of the HCC, your clinical, teaching, and research work is subject to HIPAA. You need to follow HIPAA policies and procedures when working with PHI, ensure you take HIPAA training when required by UW-Madison, and use IT tools and resources in ways approved for use with PHI.

Who can I contact with HIPAA related questions?

Each unit of the HCC has its own HIPAA Privacy Coordinator and HIPAA Security Coordinator. When you have questions or need additional information about working with PHI, contact them first. They will answer your questions directly if they can and then work with UW-Madison’s HIPAA Privacy Officer or HIPAA Security Officer to address any unique issues.

Streamlined Online HIPAA Incident Reporting Available Now

The HIPAA incident reporting form now exists in an easy to use online form. The older word document used for reporting incidents will retire soon and all reports should be submitted via the new form. Please bookmark the new HIPAA Incident Report Form for use moving forward. we expect the use of this form to facilitate better tracking and analysis of HIPAA incidents on campus.