Training Updates & Other Important Reminders


The next online HIPAA Training course at UW-Madison is expected to roll out in a month.  Watch for emails in early October about the training.  If you took the 2018-19 course, you are considered compliant until the 2019-20 course is released.  Any new employees, research collaborators, or volunteers requiring training until the release our next course should continue taking the 2018-19 course.


What does it mean to be part of the UW-Madison HCC?

If you are a part of the UW-Madison Health Care Component (HCC), your clinical, teaching, and research efforts are subject to HIPAA.  As a member of the HCC, you must:

  • Follow HIPAA policies and procedures when working with the Protected Health Information (PHI) of patients and research subjects
  • Take HIPAA training when required
  • Uuse IT tools and resources in ways approved for use with PHI

Who can I contact with HIPAA-related questions?

Each unit of the HCC has its own HIPAA Privacy Coordinator and HIPAA Security Coordinator.  When you have questions or need additional information about working with PHI, contact them first.  They will answer your questions or collaborate with UW-Madison’s HIPAA Privacy Officer or HIPAA Security Officer to address any unique issues.

HIPAA Incident Reporting

Bookmark the HIPAA Incident Report Form and use it to report any suspected loss, theft, unauthorized access, and/or inappropriate use or sharing of PHI.  We use this form to facilitate better tracking and analysis of HIPAA incidents on campus.


If you need to share PHI with colleagues on campus – use local shared network drives where possible.  If you collaborate with others who don’t have access to the same local shared drives, request a Secure Box Folder for use with PHI.  These folders are established by UW-Madison Cybersecurity after review of workstation security and verification of appropriate security controls.  DO NOT USE STANDARD BOX FOLDERS TO STORE OR SHARE PHI.

We need to be good stewards of our patients’ and research subjects’ PHI.

This is required by law(s), helps us avoid fines, and is the right thing to do!

Contact the HIPAA Coordinators for your area of campus with any questions about HIPAA Privacy or HIPAA Security.