Approved Tools for Exchanging and Storing PHI

The following link provides a current list of approved tools: Tools for Exchanging ePHI.

This reference is intended to facilitate the use of approved tools for exchanging, capturing, analyzing, and/or storing the Protected Health Information (PHI) of patients and research subjects in accordance with HIPAA.

These tools are expected to be used by employees, students, and other agents of UW Health and UW-Madison – with computers and devices issued or managed by UW Health or UW-Madison.

Neither UW Health nor UW-Madison approves the use of these tools to facilitate working with PHI on personally-owned and/or unmanaged computers or devices, except when specifically permitted by policy or procedure.

Direct questions regarding intended use of these tools or options for approved remote access to the UW Health Consultant Security Team (via UW Health’s Help Desk at 265-7777), or to UW-Madison HIPAA Security Coordinators as needed for clarification.

This reference will be updated periodically to add or remove tools as appropriate.

To propose a tool for inclusion in the “Approved” or “Use with Caution” sections of this resource, please contact:


UW Health: